The XO2W24HP is a 2-way electronic crossover and the only one in the market where the user can time-align their dome tweeters with the woofer. No other crossovers have this feature. The delays in all the other crossovers are for the woofers, not the tweeters. Reason being that they are manufactured for the pro market. In that industry, the majority of loudspeakers are horn loaded, meaning the compression driver is behind the woofer.

Another feature that's unique to the XO2W24HP is the use of a fixed crossover. AmpsLab adopted this method because it's sonically superior to using a potentiometer to adjust the crossover frequency. Simply decide on your crossover frequency and solder in the components from the values stated in the documentation.

The XO2W24HP features are:

Electronically Balanced Input

Master Gain Control

24dB/oct Linkwitz-Riley High & Low Pass Networks

Delay on High Pass for Time-Alignment

Volume Control on High Pass for tweeter volume

The plots below illustrate the XO2W24HP in use. The crossover frequency used is 2,400Hz mainly because most 1" tweeters are quite comfortable at this frequency.

Loudspeaker under test is the Soliloquy-IIb. It is a compact 10L 2-way using a 5" Tang Band W5-1685 UnderHung woofer with a Seas 27TBFC 1" Aluminum Dome tweeter.

Fig 1 - W5-1685 Low Pass with Seas 27TBFC High Pass

The Blue plot in Fig 1 is the Tang Band W5 with the Low Pass filter. The Red plot is the Seas 27TBFC through the High Pass Network. The two drivers are crossing acoustically at about 2,400Hz.

Fig 2 - Null Response

The Violet plot in Fig 2 is the null using the Delay in the High Pass. The adjustment is quite fine so it's not difficult to tune for a deep null.

Fig 3 - Time Aligned Soliloquy-IIb

Fig 3 is the Time-Aligned response of the Soliloquy-IIb. The tweeter wires are actually now in reversed phase.

The XO2W24HP is one channel only, therefore two are needed for stereo use. It requires a regulated power supply for the op amp. Our PSU15REG is specially designed for such purpose.

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