The TDA7293Pro is meant for professional use in converting passive speakers to active. On board is a Balanced Input with provision for adjusting the sensitivity to dBu or dBV.

The op amp is powered by it's own 7815/7915 voltage regulators. An additional 9V 7809 regulator is assigned to power the Output DC Protect circuitry. If harmful DC is sensed at the output, a 9V relay will disconnect the loudspeaker, thus preventing damage.

The TDA7293Pro power output is 36W into 8Ω and 60W into 4Ω. With this power, this module is suitable to convert 2-way nearfield recording monitors to active.

10kHz Full Power into 8Ω
10kHz Square Wave into 8Ω

TDA7293Pro Specifications

Power Output = 36W into 8Ω | 60W into 4Ω
Input Sensitivity = 1.0V RMS (Unbal) | 0.5V RMS (Bal)
Input Impedance = 20K
Rise Time = 4.0us at 10kHz Sq into 8Ω
Voltage Gain = 30dB

Power Supply Specs
Power transformer = 20-0-20Vac
Supply Rails = +/- 28Vdc

PCB = 4.0" X 3.5" (100mm x 90mm)
Double Sided | FR4

The TDA7293Pro is one channel and is supplied Unassembled. Two kits are required for stereo.

To complete the amplifier, the following are needed
1) a power supply consisting of a power transformer, filter capacitors and a bridge rectifier
2) a heatsink for the TDA7293 chip amp
3) a metal case and the necessary connectors

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