The TDA7293DCpro is blessed with a Balanced Input and a DC protection. Should the TDA7293 chip amp fail for any reason, a relay will disconnect the loudspeaker, thus saving the speaker from expensive damage. The relay is designed for a 3 sec delay on power-up. This eliminates nasty pops when the TDA7293DCpro is switched on.

The Op Amp used for the Balanced Input is powered by 7815 and 7915 voltage regulators. This ensures clean supply to the NE5532AN Op Amp. The relay on the other hand, is powered from a separate 7809 regulator.

A feature not often seen is a potentiometer to adjust the sensitivity to match dBu or dBV. This is useful for professional use because the actual power output can be verified by the Led Bargraph in the mixer.

1kHz Full Power into 8Ω
10kHz Square Wave into 8Ω

TDA7293DCpro Specifications

Power Output = 36W into 8Ω | 60W into 4Ω
Input Sensitivity = 1.0V RMS (Unbal) | 0.5V RMS (Bal)
Input Impedance = 20K
Rise Time = 3.2us at 10kHz Sq into 8Ω
Voltage Gain = 30dB

Power Supply Specs
Power transformer = 20-0-20Vac
Supply Rails = +/- 28Vdc

PCB = 4.0" X 3-5/8" (100mm x 92mm)
Double Sided | FR4

The TDA7293DCpro is one channel and is supplied Unassembled. Two kits are required for stereo.

To complete the amplifier, the following are needed
1) a power supply consisting of a power transformer, filter capacitors and a bridge rectifier
2) a heatsink for the TDA7293 chip amp
3) a metal case and the necessary connectors

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