Swift-II  (HD)
(High Definition Series)

5 inch 2-way
13 Liters Bass Reflex Satellite

by Michael Chua

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SWIFT-II for Music

Fig 13 - SWIFT-II Response with Passive Crossover tweaked for Music

In this version, the crossover was adjusted for mid-range and treble clarity. The vocals are more forward, like sitting in front of the band. Cymbals are audible, especially the decays.

In some rooms, subwoofers may be necessary to supplement the bass. For those on a budget, the Dayton SD215A-88 is an excellent choice. When loaded in a compact 25 Liters Vented Box, this 8" extends the bass down to 50Hz. The recommended crossover frequency is between 75Hz-125Hz (24dB/oct).

Swift-II Passive Network for Music

Fig 14 - SWIFT-II Passive Network for Music (18dB/oct)


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