Passive Crossover for Music

Fig 8 is the In-Room response of the Nightingale-V with the crossover tweaked for Music. Disregard the response below 500Hz. Room interaction renders the measurements inaccurate.

Fig 9 are the responses for the compression driver connected in Reversed Phase (Blue trace) and In-Phase (Orange trace).

Fig 8 - Nightingale-V Passive Crossover Plots for Music


Fig 9 - Nightingale-V Reversed and In-Phase Responses


Fig 10 - Nightingale-V Music Passive Crossover (1,500Hz/18dB/oct)


Component Recommendations

All Capacitors are Polypropylene.

All Inductors are Air-Core. Minimum 18 Awg.

All Resistors are rated 10 Watts minimum.


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