Voicing for Music

The plots below (Fig 3) are the In-Room responses of the M8a, taken on-axis with the cone. After listening to the Nightingale-IV with different filters, a network comprising of a 2.2mH in parallel with 33 ohms (Red trace) results in the best musicality.

Fig 4 - M8a In-Room Frequency Response at 1,500Hz (18dB/oct)
1 meter - On-axis with M8a

Nightingale-IV Music Response

The Blue trace below (Fig 5) is the frequency response of the Nightingale-IV after she's been voiced for music. It may appear that there's not much difference compared to the previous crossover that's adjusted for flat response (Fig 6). However, on playback, I can assure readers that the difference is not marginal. This is an excellent example of a flat response speaker vs one for music.

Fig 5 - M8a with D220Ti/PH715 crossed at 1,500Hz (18dB/oct)
M8a with 2.2mH//33 ohms in Series
Compression Driver with 8.2uF (connected Reversed Phase)
1 meter - On-axis with PH715


Fig 6 - Nightingale-IV Flat vs Music Response


Fig 7 - Nightingale-IV Hybrid (Music Response)


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