Design   2-way (Dec 16, 2012)
High Frequency   Pyle PDS382 1" Titanium Compression Driver  
Horn   Dayton H07E
Low Frequency Dayton RS180s  7" Shielded Mid-Woofer
Crossover Synergy (Bi-Amp) at 2,250Hz (18dB/oct)


The H07E Elliptical Waveguide by Dayton is truly unexpected.
When coupled with a Pyle PDS382 1" Titanium Compression Driver, this waveguide exhibits minimal roll-off and amazingly, an exceptionally smooth response from 3kHz to 10kHz (Fig 1). The PDS382 starts to breakup at 10kHz but I'm not really concerned as there's very little musical information up there.

In Fig 2, the green plot is of the H07E through the Synergy with the active crossover set at 2,250kHz. As can be seen, the hump at 2kHz is slightly attenuated due to the slope of the 18dB crossover. By all accounts, this is certainly an acceptable response. However, in listening to music, I found the sibilance to be a tad excessive and the highs rather subdued.

After a few days listening to various CDs and tuning by ear, the yellow plot (Fig 3) is the final response. An EQ network of 4uF in parallel with 4.7 ohms resistor lifts the higher frequencies upwards, adding "sparkle" to the treble. In addition, a 8uF is in series to tame the sibilance further.

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Hybrid (Active Crossover + Passive Contouring) Dec 16, 2012
Full Passive Network (March 28, 2013)

Fig 1 - H07E with PDS382 (Gated)
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Fig 2 - Synergy Crossover 2,250Hz
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Fig 3 - Synergy 2,250Hz + EQ
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