Design   2-way (Dec 6, 2012)
High Frequency   Pyle PDS382 1" Titanium Compression Driver  
Horn   Pyle PH612  
Low Frequency Dayton RS180s  7" Shielded Mid-Woofer
Crossover Synergy (Bi-Amp) at 1,500Hz (18dB/oct)


The RS180s is one of the most dynamic driver I've tested. Mid-bass is excellent and best of all, it does it without compromising the lower bass. In a compact 20 Liter box, 40Hz is strong and tight. This shielded version of the RS180, however, is not without some issues, the most annoying being a hump in the response from 1K ~ 2K which contributed to a rather pronounced upper-mid glare. Once tamed, the RS180s performed flawlessly.

Having been quite impressed by Pyle's PDS221, I committed on one of their newer budget compression drivers, a Pyle PDS382. Sporting a 1.75" flat aluminum voice coil, I was hoping it'll be able to cross at a low of 1,500Hz. When coupled with a Pyle PH612 horn, they didn't disappoint. Horn Cut-off is indeed below 1,500Hz. There was no dreaded honking. Off axis dispersion seems even, no spitting was detected. With the usual eq applied, this combo beats any HiFi tweeters for the same price.

Overall, the performance of this speaker is impressive, to say the least. Low Cost. High Quality. Perfect for DIY.


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