Lateral Mosfet Power Amplifier

by David Shoubridge ( UK )

Mission 752 with Lm60 Power Amplifier


Hi Michael

Have just made some small changes to my LM60 based setup with outstanding results - these were removing the speaker grills, moving the arm chair away from the right hand speaker, increasing the distance between speakers slightly and towing them in towards the listening area.

The result has been a surprising increase in base levels (now exceedingly well balanced base / mid / treble) and a far more solid stereo image. I have owned these speakers for just over 10 years and did not know they were capable of this level of sound quality!

My Mission Cyrus 3i / PSXR can be seen on the floor and does not compare with the LM60 and is soon to go on Ebay.

My LM60 amp

Toroidal transformer is 500VA which is obviously over the top (it does not even get warm) but have made the chassis large enough in case I want to bi-amp or 5.1 in the future.

DIN rail mounted relays and toggle switch on rear are to be for input change over (from CD to Digital Radio in my case) but have not got round to wiring this yet as I have been too busy listening to it.

Heat sinks, case parts, volume knob etc were salvaged from industial control systems at work.

Assembly and commissioning was totally trouble free and as per your instructions.


Since building the amp I have gone right through my cd collection and to my delight have heard a great deal of detail that I didn't even know was on the recordings, vocals acoustic guitar and wind instruments especially are outstanding and very realistic. Thanks again for a great product

Best regards
David Shoubridge - Great Britain

Lm60 Power Amplifier
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500VA Toroidal Transformer
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