As opposed to discrete designs, the IA502 uses an IC to drive the power stages.

The entire power amplifier circuitry for 2-channels are squeezed into a tiny TDA7250 10-pin IC. All that's required are four power darlingtons and some passive components to complete a high performance stereo amplifier. No biasing is required as the IC auto biases the output transistors.

The IA502 lends itself well to multi-channel amplification.
A 6~8 channel power amplifier can easily be constructed even by beginners.

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The IA502 Kit is 2 channels (Unassembled)
Power Transformer and Heatsink not included in Kit.
Kit includes 4 pcs of TIP142/7 transistors.

Total Harmonic Distortion
Full Power into 8 ohms

Residual Noise
Full Power into 8 ohms

IMD (Intermodulation Distortion)
Full Power into 8 ohms


Measurements courtesy of Rightmark RMAA


TDA7250 contains driver circuitry for 2 ch
A pair of power darlingtons per channel
Fully encased IA502
ready for installation

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