IRFP240/9240 Vertical Mosfets
Direct Drive technology

Using 2 pairs of IRFP240/9240 Mosfets, the Hx200 is capable of delivering 330 Watts of Clean, Unclipped Continuous Sine Power.

Due to its' high power output, the Hx200 is the amplifier of choice for Home Theater buffs. They no longer fear their amplifiers may be driven to clipping during loud passages as the Hx200 provides sufficient headroom to accommodate the unusually high dynamic peaks that are so characteristic of a modern movie soundtrack.

Moreover, with a compact PCB footprint of just 5.3 x 4.1 inches, the Hx200 is gaining a reputation for plate amps in active subwoofers.

AmpsLab recommends our PSU40K80V power supply module for the Hx200, especially for subwoofer use. With 40,000uF of quality Elna smoothing caps, the Hx200 would be able to deliver sustained bass for maximum impact.

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USA only

The Hx200 Kit is one channel (Unassembled).
Power Transformer and Heatsink not included in Kit.



Hx200 mounted on a high power heatsink
Transistor tracks Mosfet temperature
Sealed cermet trimpot for bias adjustment


Hx200 Furniture Sub
courtesy of
Bill Morse, USA
Hx200 powering
Decware WO32 sub

courtesy of
John Bloor, UK
Denon POA2200

courtesy of
BN, Denmark

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