The Bi70mk2 is recommended for systems that are plagued by excessive vocal sibilance or "bright" highs. It resolves these issues by adopting a novel approach in amplifier design.

Unlike most conventional designs, the Mk2 combines a mosfet driver with a bipolar output stage. During listening tests, it was apparent that the Mk2 "cures" the abrasiveness in the mid and high regions, resulting in superior vocal clarity and imaging.

The Bi70mk2 Kit includes the power heatsink as shown on the right.

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The Bi70mk2 Kit is one channel.
Power Heatsink INCLUDED in Kit.
Power Transformer not included.

The Bi70mk2 is designed for vertical mounting
Mosfet Drivers and Thermal Controller
Emitter resistors soldered to underside
Rise time of 3.2 microsec at 10KHz Sq 10Vpp


Harman Kardon
Citation 12

courtesy of
Mark Nash, USA

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