The Bi300 is the amplifier where speed and power is the essence.

Speed is accomplished by the adoption of a unique, fully symmetrical topology. Unlike others, the Bi300 uses an opamp instead of the usual double differentials for the critical input stage. The precision in IC manufacturing completely eliminates the difficulties of matching the two discrete input differentials.

In power, a generous total of ten high current transistors ensure the Bi300 operates well within its' safe limits even when driving reactive 4 ohm loads.

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The Bi300 Kit is one channel.
Power Transformer and Heatsink not included in Kit.
Kit includes 10 pcs of MJ15024/5 transistors.

10 pcs of MJ15024/5
Power Transistors
Forced Air Cooling the Bi300 Power Section
Unique opamp front
end design
The Bi300 is designed for hardwiring of the high current section. Though laborious, this method offers the experienced constructor the utmost flexibility in turning concept to reality. The diverse profiles from heatsink manufacturers are now truly at his disposal. In addition, the adoption of solid copper wires, rods or flat bars for the high current busses is a much desired replacement over the copper tracks of a pc board.

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