The Bi240mk2 is our latest version of our reference model - the Bi240. The power section has been upgraded to 5 pairs of Toshiba 2SC5200/2SA1943 as compared to 4 pairs of MJ15024/25 in the Bi240.

The outstanding feature of this amplifier is in it's transient response. The Bi240mk2 boasts a rise time of 1.6 microsec. This remarkable speed is responsible for the intimacy and realism that the Bi240mk2 brings to music.

With the Bi240mk2, high-end performance is now within reach.

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USA only

This amplifier is recommended for experienced constructors.
Heatsink shown is for illustrative purposes only.
It is not included in the Kit.

10 pcs of 2SC5200
2SA1943 Transistors
Solid copper wire used
for high current
Bi240 modules ready
for install
The Bi240mk2 is designed for hardwiring of the high current section. Though laborious, this method offers the experienced constructor the utmost flexibility in heatsink selection. In addition, hardwiring allows the use of solid copper wires for bus bars, a much preferred option over the copper tracks of a pc board.

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