BassEq PreAmp

The BassEQ PreAmp's sole purpose is to restore the bass that's so often lacking in 2-way speakers. More importantly, it does this without detriment to the midrange. Vocals and instruments retain their clarity and transparency.

The black plot above is the Osprey-12 frequency response. In this 4pi placement, the bass (50Hz~100Hz) is about 5dB below the midrange. This tonal imbalance leads to listener fatique as there's too much mids and highs.

The BassEQ rectifies the tonal imbalance by boosting the bass to the level of the midrange (blue plot). It does this without affecting the midrange. Note 500Hz upwards is not boosted.

The amount of bass boost can be adjusted up to +12dB with the bass control. In instances where your bass is boomy, the bass control allows you to lower the bass by up to -12dB.

At the output of the BassEQ PreAmp is a volume control that feeds the signal to the power amplifier. This is equivalent to the traditional volume control in PreAmps.

The BassEQ PreAmp is a Stereo board. It requires +/- 15V power from a regulated supply. Our PSU15REG is specially designed for such use.

PCB = 6-1/2" x 3-1/2" (165mm x 89mm)
Double Sided | FR4

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