UnBal to Bal - DI Box

This is a very practical kit. It converts an UnBalanced signal to fully Balanced. Once Balanced, the signal can then be sent to the mixer some distance away without fear of picking up interference.

It can also be used as a DI box by musicians. What sets it apart from other DI Boxes is the incorpration of a gain control. Though it's at line level, the potentiometer can be adjusted for a Gain of 6. What this means is if the input signal is weak, you can amplify it up to a maximum of 6X. In other words, if your electric guitar has a output of 0.3V, you can amplify it up to 1.8V. That is more than enough to drive most power amplifiers into clipping.

Another use of this UnBal-Bal converter is in Mono-Bridge. Connect one output to Channel 1 of a stereo amplifier and the other output to Channel 2. The loudspeaker terminals must then be connected to the two red terminals of the power amplifier. The Black terminals are not used. Only do this if one is familiar with the Bridging concept.

UnBalanced to Balanced Schematic

The UnBal - Bal kit requires our PSU15Reg power supply to work. Alternatively, one can use two 9V batteries and configure them for a split supply of 9-0-9Vdc.

PCB = 3.4" X 1.85" (86mm x 47mm)
Double Sided | FR4

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