Pyle PDS382 + Dayton H07E

Apr 29, 2013

Pyle has done it again. Only a few dollars more than their PDS221, the PDS382 is like a PDS221 on steroids. Weighing in at 3.46 lbs as oppose to 1.75 lbs for the smaller sibling, the PDS382 is physically much larger too. But is it any better?


Impedance Plot

Fig 1 below is the Impedance Sweep of the Pyle PDS382 with a Dayton H07E Elliptical Waveguide.

The Resonace Frequency (Fs) is 1,500Hz with quite a sharp peak at 22 ohms.

Fig 1 - Impedance of Pyle PDS382 with Dayton H07E


Gated SPL Plot

The Violet trace in Fig 2 is the raw response of the PDS382/H07E. Amazingly, the combo can be crossed at 1,800Hz. The response falls off at 10kHz, followed by what looks like cone breakup at roughly 15kHz. Usable bandwidth is 1,800Hz to 10,000Hz. Excellent for a budget compression driver.

The Green trace is with the Synergy crossover set at 2,250Hz. The response is fairly flat, within a 3dB window.

The Yellow trace is with passive compensation. An 8uF followed by a 4uF in parallel with 4.7 ohms are in series with the combo. Proceed to Nightingale-II to see how the PDS382/H07E are used in a compact 20 Liters 2-way.


Fig 2 - Frequency Response with crossover at 2,250Hz

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