The MICpreLIVE is meant for LIVE events like Bands. The design is slightly simpler in that the mic amplification is by two transistors instead of four that is used in the MICpre60. The Mic maximum gain is 440x. So a 1mVrms output from a microphone can be amplified to 0.44Vrms. That works out to 53dB.

But it doesn't stop there. The Balanced Output stage has a gain of 3.5x, effectively raising the total gain to 1.56Vrms (64dB) if need be.

Fig 1 - 1.4mV Noise at 0dBu (0.775Vrms) Output

Fig 2 - 3.4mV Noise at +6dBu (1.56Vrms) Output

Noise level is low enough for LIVE applications. At 0dBu (0.775Vrms), the noise at the balanced output is only 1.4mVpk (Fig 1). At +6dBu (1.56Vrms), the noise recorded is 3.4mVpk (Fig 2). When using a mixer, it is customary not to exceed 0dBu.

MicpreLIVE Schematic

The schematic above is the full MICpreLIVE. The input signal is amplified by two low noise transistors used in the microphone stage. The output of the op amp is bootstrap to the transistor, thus resulting in a higher impedance.

In this MICpreLIVE, a potentiometer is used for gain adjustment. This is a more practical approach than using jumpers as in the MICpre60.

To power the MICpreLIVE, check out our PSU15REG. It is equipped with voltage regulators for +15V and -15V.

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