Dual LM3886TF

This pcb consists of two LM3886TF amplifiers. With it, you can easily construct a high quality stereo amplifier. Other uses include bi-amping or multiple channels amplification.

Only quality components are used. No ceramics in the signal path. In fact, the input which is often an electrolytic capacitor is a 2.2uF film cap. Feedback cap is a silvered-mica. All resistors are 1% metal film. A bit of a luxury for a chip amp.

The board is fairly compact, measuring only 4.3" x 1.6". To keep to this size, the power supply filter caps are not on board. Users have the choice of the PSU20K or their own power supply.

1kHz Full Power into 8Ω
10kHz Square Wave into 8Ω

Dual LM3886TF Specifications

Power Output = 60W into 4 Ω | 28W into 8 Ω
Input Sensitivity (@ 1kHz before Clip) = 0.7V RMS
Input Impedance = 20K
Rise Time = 2.4us at 10kHz Sq into 8Ω
Voltage Gain = 26dB

Power Supply
Power transformer = 20-0-20Vac
Supply Rails = +/- 28Vdc

PCB = 4.3" X 1.6" (109mm x 41mm)
Double Sided | FR4

The Dual LM3886TF is a two channels pcb and is supplied Unassembled.

To complete the amplifier, the following are needed
1) a power supply consisting of a power transformer, filter capacitors and a bridge rectifier
2) a heatsink for the LM3886TF chip amps.
3) a metal case and the necessary connectors

Dual LM3886TF
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Dual LM3886TF Pcb
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