The DELAYpro is used in conjunction with electronic crossovers that have no delays build in. It is used to time align the drivers in a loudspeaker.

Typically in a PA speaker, the woofer is ahead of the compression driver due to the use of a horn. In such a case, the output of the electronic crossover Low Pass is connected to the DELAYpro. The user now has the ability to delay the woofer to match that of the horn. The delay is continuiously adjustable from 0~2msec.

In the case of domestic hifi where dome tweeters are common, the situation is reversed. The tweeter is now ahead of the woofer. To time align the two, the DELAYpro is connected to the electronic crossover High Pass output. The tweeter can then be time aligned to the woofer by adjusting the delay.

DELAYpro Schematic

The DELAYpro works at line level. There's no amplification. A 1Vrms input results in a 1Vrms output. Since there's no amplication, noise is negligible.

Line input is electronically balanced. Output is electronically balanced as well.
Input Impedance is 10K ohms.

The DELAYpro requires our PSU15Reg power supply to work.

PCB = 3.1" X 3.0" (78mm x 77mm)
Double Sided | FR4

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