Current InRush Limiter

If powering up your amplifier causes the lights to flicker or the main fuse to blow, the Current InRush Limiter is the solution. This compact unit tames the high current surge by momentarily limiting the inrush current with a high power metal clad resistor. Approximately 1/2 second after power on, the resistor is shorted out by a 16A relay. The full mains voltage and current are then applied to the PSU.

Current InRush Schematic

For the Current InRush Limiter to work, a small transformer (T1) is necessary. This will power up the 12V voltage regulator which in turn feeds the InRush circuit. Multiple tabs of the 12V regulated output is available for ancillary devices like fans or our speaker DC protection kit, the DCPROmk2.

This kit involves working on LIVE Mains voltages. It is not recommended for buyers without basic electrical knowledge as touching a "live" trace on the pcb can be fatal.

PCB = 3.1" X 1.9" (80mm x 49mm)
Double Sided | FR4

Current InRush
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Current InRush
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