The BiAmpPro is a full featured module for 2-way Active speakers. At heart is an asymmetric electronic crossover set at 2.5kHz. High pass to tweeter is at 18dB/oct whereas to the woofer is 12dB/oct.

What is unique about this crossover is that the high and low pass filters are part of the power amplifiers. No op amps are used to achieve this crossover. Neither are they Passive Line Level Crossover, aka PLLXO. SGS Thomson, the manufacturer of the TDA2030A and TDA2050 chip amps used in the BiAmpPro, calls this crossover "Active Power Speakers".

In this BiAmp configuration, a TDA2030A is used for the tweeter. For the woofer, two TDA2050 in Bridged mode are used for higher power. Note that the woofer must be 8Ω, not 4Ω. That's due to the nature of Mono Bridge because each TDA2050 will be seeing 4Ω.

The BiAmpPro has her own Power Supply. The transformer secondaries feed a 8A bridge rectifier followed by 4 pieces of 3,300uF filter capacitors, totaling 13,200uF of smoothing caps.

The line input is electronically Balanced so that long signal lines can be safely run without picking up noise. A pair of voltage regulators (7812/7912) ensures the op amp supply is stable and clean.

There is provision to adjust the level of the tweeter so that it matches that of the woofer. Without this, the tweeter will be too loud.

Woofer - 1kHz Full Power into 4Ω

Tweeter - 10kHz into 4Ω

BiAmpPro Specifications

Tweeter Power Output = 12W into 4Ω
Woofer Power Output = 24W into 8Ω (mono-bridge)
Woofer Input Sensitivity (@ 1kHz before Clip) = 0.35V RMS into 8Ω (Bal) | 0.7V RMS into 8Ω (UnBal)
Voltage Gain = 27dB

Power Supply Specs
Power transformer = 12-0-12Vac
Supply Rails = +/- 16Vdc
PSU caps = 13,200uF (4 pcs of 3,300uF / 35V)

PCB = 5.1" X 2.75" (130mm x 70mm)
Double Sided | FR4

The BiAmpPro is one channel and is supplied Unassembled. Two kits are required for stereo.

To complete the amplifier, the following are needed
1) a power transformer
2) a heatsink for the TDA2030A and TDA2050 chip amps
3) a metal case and the necessary connectors

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