The 24CX2 is a variable 24dB/oct Linkwitz-Riley crossover for 2-way speakers. The crossover frequency is adjustable from 250Hz ~ 6kHz.

This frequency range is optimal for hifi speakers where dome tweeters are often crossed from 2,200Hz to 3,500Hz. It also covers 2-way PA speakers where horns are crossed from 1,600Hz to 2,500Hz.

There are two potentiometers on board, the first is for adjusting the crossover frequency. The next pot is for adjusting the volume of the tweeter or horn.

The input signal is Balanced. Output is UnBalanced.

24CX2 Schematic

The 24CX2 requires our PSU15Reg power supply to work.

PCB = 4.3" X 3.0" (108mm x 76mm)
Double Sided | FR4

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