2.1 Hi-Fi Power Amplifier
450Watts/rms with Hx100

by Tyler Curran ( USA )

"To start I really cannot say enough about the service at AmpsLab, Mike is without a doubt one of the best people I have ever dealt with. I cannot thank him enough for his help in my project.

I decided to build a 3-channel amplifier to make a true 2.1 home stereo for music listening. The Hx100 being able to supply 150 watts RMS is quite stout and able to supply a 4 ohm main speaker or a subwoofer. It is also a fairly compact design and allows for a smaller chassis. I used a 750VA transformer and 4 ultra fast rectifier diodes in a home made bride rectifier filtered with 34,000uF of capacitance made form some surplus industrial parts I had laying around. I also decided to add some input attenuation so that I could use any generic line level output as a source. I used some RK series Alps potentiometers for the stereo balance control and subwoofer level and a Noble balance control for stereo balance. I packaged everything up in an all aluminum chassis I purchased from Par-metal products. I use a stereo 2- way crossover with mono LF output to generate the subwoofer channel.

The assembly of the Hx100 was pretty strait forward; I have never built an amplifier before and struggled with a few things. Mike was very helpful and had the answers on the spot, once I had my channels individually tested I installed them one by one into the chassis and rechecked the bias. The design of this module makes the initial setup and adjustment very simple. I also found this design very efficient and easy to manage thermally. The 450 watt setup I have does not require a fan.

The sound of the Hx100 is excellent. The clarity, detail, and overall balance of highs, lows, and vocals is very good by any standards. I don’t think I could afford to buy an amplifier with this kind of sound. I have listened to wide variety of music on a pair of Alesis monitors and a 10” long throw subwoofer, and the Hx100 performed very well. This project was quite an undertaking for me as I did not have much experience and didn’t really know what to expect. I found that the time I spent building this amp was as priceless as its sound."

- Tyler Curran

60 Downes Street | Calais | ME 04619 | USA