When a power amplifier fails, DC appears at the output, rendering in most cases, the loudspeaker useless.

The DCpro is sonically transparent. Power from the amplifier is only routed through a quality 16A Finder power relay before reaching the loudspeaker. When DC in excess of +/- 0.6V is sensed, the DCpro's fast acting detector triggers a relay, instantaneously breaking the connection between the amplifier and the speakers.

A much welcomed feature of the DCpro is a Soft Start of about 1/2 sec delay on power up. This effectively eliminates any switch on thumps that plague some amplifiers.

The DCpro is available in 12V and 24V versions. External power supply required.

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USA only

The DCpro is a loudspeaker protector for 1-channel.
Two required for stereo.


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