Amplifiers – Repairs, Retrofit and Reviews

 Power Amplifiers / Mixers
 AB International Precedent 400 Retrofit with Hx200mk2 mosfet amplifier kit
 Crown XLS-202 Blown power transistors
 Crown XLS-402 Fault finding
 Crown XLS Amplifier Fans Fan Modification for 1st generation of XLS power amplifiers
 Hartke model 3500 Rebuild power amplifier module with Toshiba 2SC5200/2SA1943 power transistors
 Peavey PV-1200 Blown power transistors
 Peavey XR-700 Powered Mixer Review
 SAE 3100 Faulty capacitors
 Soundcraft GigRac 600 Technical Review
 Soundcraftsmen PCR800 Technical Review of PCR (Phase Control Regulation)
 My Audio Lab Some of my equipment used in designing audio amplifiers