Loudspeaker Projects – Passive, Active & Time Aligned

Kingfisher3   √3-way 8″ Silver Flute Bandpass Subwoofer with SuperMicro-DX2
Kingfisher2   √3-way 10″ Albatross Bandpass Subwoofer with SuperMicro-DX2
Kingfisher   √the poor man’s B&W Matrix 801
SuperMicro-DX3  (Active)   3-way  Bass Reflex. Silver Flute W20RC38 | Fountek FE85 | Peerless DX20BF00-04
SuperMicro-DX2  (Active)   2-way Sealed Box Fountek FE85 with Peerless DX20BF00-04
SuperMicro-DX  (Active)2-way Sealed Box Tang Band W3-1364SA with Peerless DX20BF00-04
ORION  √Time and Phase Coherent Audax HM130C0 with Fountek NeoCD3.5H
OWL-II8″ 2-way 20L Bass Reflex Dayton PA200 with Fostex 025H27
OWL8″ 2-way 20L Bass Reflex Dayton PA200 with Selenium ST200
Flamingo2  (Active)Tang Band W6-789E with Peerless BC25SC08-04
FlamingoFull Range – Tang Band W6-789E
SUPERMICRO2K6 (Active)Fountek FE85 with Peerless BC25SC08-04 tweeter
SUPERMICRO3 (Active)Fountek FE85 with HiVi TN28 tweeter
PYRAMID GOLD25L Compact Bandpass Subwoofer with Vintage 10″ Pyramid Gold Series 
TOUCAN25L Compact Bandpass SubwooferDayton SD215A-88 DVC
SUPERMICRO2  (Active)Fountek FE85 with Peerless BC25SC08-04 tweeter
10″ 75L Bandpass SubwooferDayton DA270-8
CROW25L Slim Tower Bandpass SubwooferSilver Flute W17RC38-08
BLACKBIRD-TA8″ 2-way 35L Bass Reflex – HiVi M8a with JBL 2342 Bi-Radial Horn
ROBIN-HT5HiVi M5a with JBL HT5
SWIFT-HT5Zaph ZA14 with JBL HT5
JBL HT5 ModModifying the JBL HT5 for 3-way
JUNCO-II8″ 2-way 20L Bass Reflex – HiVi M8a with HiVi TN28
JUNCO8″ 2-way 20L Bass Reflex – Vifa M21WO-39-08 with HiVi TN28
FINCH1st order 13L Bass Reflex – Vifa PL18WO-09-08 with Morel CAT378
RAVEN-CAT1st order 3-way  – Dayton DA 270Dayton RS180P + Morel CAT 378
FALCON-II3-way Baffleless Concept Speaker with Dayton RS52AN Dome Midrange
RAVEN-TATime Aligned 13L Bass Reflex – Dayton RS180s with Peerless H26TG45-06 tweeter
ROBIN-X13L Bass Reflex – HiVi M5a with HiVi RT1C-A Planar Tweeter
STARLING-TATime Aligned 15L Bass Reflex – Seas ER18RNX with Seas 27TDFC tweeter
CARDINAL-DCR-TATime-Aligned DCR 40L –  Peerless 830874 and Seas 27TBFC tweeter
CARDINAL-TATime-Aligned 15L Bass Reflex – Peerless 830874 with Seas 27TDFC tweeter
SOLILOQUY-TATime-Aligned 13L Bass Reflex – Tang Band W5-1685 with HiVi RT1C-A tweeter
ROBIN-DX  13L Bass Reflex –  HiVi M5a with Peerless DX20BF00-04 Tweeter
SPARROW-MTM  22L MTM Bass Reflex – SB Acoustics SB13PFC25-04 with WG 11-25/PDS221
RAVEN  13L Bass Reflex – Dayton RS-180s with XT25TG30-04 Tweeter
STARLING-II  Starling Update – Seas ER18RNX with Seas TDFC Tweeter
LARK-II15L Bass Reflex – SB Acoustics SB16PFC25-8 with HiVi TN28 Tweeter
LARK  15L Bass Reflex – SB Acoustics SB16PFC25-8 with BC25TG15-04 Tweeter
CANARY-XT  13L Bass Reflex – Silver Flute W17RC38-08s with XT25TG30-04 Tweeter
SPARROW-X  13L Bass Reflex – SB Acoustics SB13PFC25-08 with HiVi RT1C-A Tweeter
SPARROW  7L Bass Reflex – SB Acoustics SB13PFC25-08 with HiVi TN28 Tweeter
MOCKINGBIRD-XT  13L Bass Reflex – Fountek FW168 with Peerless XT25TG30-04 Tweeter
MOCKINGBIRD-TN  13L Bass Reflex – Fountek FW168 with HiVi TN28 Tweeter
SWIFT-X  13L Bass Reflex – Zaph ZA14 with HiVi RT1C-A Planar Tweeter
HAWK  13L Bass Reflex – HiVi L6-4R with Peerless XT25TG30-04
HiVi L6-4R + Peerless XT25TG30-04  Good Match – Active System
HiVi L6-4R + Peerless BC25TG15-04Evaluation – Active System
CARDINALEvaluation of Peerless 830874 with PRV D280Ti coupled to Dayton H07E horn
MERLIN – II (ACTIVE-Time Aligned)  Dual Chamber Reflex (DCR) – Dayton RS-180S with Pyle PH565/PDS182 combo
ORIOLE (ACTIVE-Time Aligned)Tang Band W5-704 with HiVi RT1C planar tweeter
OSPREY II  Eminence Beta 10CX in compact 27L Closed Box with Selenium D220Ti
ROBIN 2.5  Slim Tower Design – 2 units of HiVi M5a with Vifa XT25TG30-04 tweeter
SOLILOQUY25L Tower – Tang Band W5-1685 with Seas 27TBFC tweeter
SUPER MICRO  Tang Band W3-1364SA with Peerless BC25SC08-04 tweeter
SUPER MICRO 2.1 and 3-WAY  Super Micro with Dayton SD215A-88 Bandpass Subwoofer
 Canary (2013) Silver Flute W17RC38-08 + Vifa XT25TG30 with Pellegrene Elliptical Waveguide
 Falcon (2013)   3-way with Peerless 830869, Dayton RS52AN and Vifa XT25SC90
 Merlin (2010) Dual Chamber Reflex (DCR) – Dayton RS-180S with Seas TDFC tweeter
 Nightingale-II (2012) Dayton RS-180s with Dayton H07E/Pyle PDS382 combo
 Nightingale-III (2013) Dayton RS-180s with Pyle PH715/Selenium D220Ti combo
 Nightingale-IV (2013) HiVi M8a with Pyle PH715/Selenium D220Ti combo
 Nightingale-V (2013) Peerless 830869 with Pyle PH715/Selenium D220Ti combo
 Oriole (2010) Tang Band W5-704 with HiVi RT1C planar tweeter
 OSPREY (2013) Eminence Beta 10CX in 52L Bass Reflex with Peavey RX14 compression driver
 Robin (2010) HiVi M5a in 13L Bass Reflex with Vifa D25AG35-06 tweeter
 Robin -II (2015) HiVi M5a in 13L Bass Reflex with Denovo Mini Elliptical Tweeter
 Robin-IIa (2015) Same as Robin-II but crossover tuned for more bass
 Starling (2010) Seas ER18RNX with Seas TDFC tweeter
 Swift (2010) Zaph ZA14 with Vifa XT25SC90
 Swift-II (2013) with 18dB HP and LP networks
 Swift-IIIc (2013) Zaph ZA14 with Vifa XT25TG30  tweeter with Asymmetic crossover
 Swift Ultima (2013) 
 Refinement of Swift-IIIc to almost Constant Electrical Phase
 Vifa62 (2007) Vifa Premium Line PL18WO-09 + Vifa PL27TG-35