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(Pt-1) Pyle PH565 horn + Selenium D220Ti

The Pyle PH565 horn measures 7-5/8″W x 6-1/8″H, making it an ideal candidate for 8″ woofer. It has a coverage of 90°H x 40°V, a cut-off frequency of 1kHz, 1-3/8″-18… Read more >

(Pt-3) Selenium HC23-25 horn + Dayton D250P

Dayton D250P Polyimide compression driver Compared to the Pyle PDB512 and the Selenium 220Ti, the Dayton D250P has the flattest response with the HC23-25 horn (Fig 1). BLACK trace =… Read more >

(Pt-2) Selenium HC23-25 horn + Selenium D220Ti

Initially, a budget Pyle PDB512 compression driver was mated to the HC23-25. While it’s perfectly fine for PA vocal use, the bandwidth is rather limited for hi-fi. In this second… Read more >