Thiele & Small Parameters

Drivers' T/S Projects

Dayton RS180s-8

Articulate Bass

7" Aluminum Cone Woofer

Nightingale  2-way with Pyle PH612
Nightingale-II  2-way with Dayton H07E
Nightingale-III  2-way with Pyle PH715
Merlin  2-way Double Chamber Reflex

Dayton SD215A-88 DVC SUB

Compact Sub | Punchy Bass

8" Dual Voice Coil Subwoofer

Compact 25L Bass Reflex Sub

Eminence Beta 10CX

Excellent Performance

10" Paper Cone Coaxial

Osprey 52L Bass Reflex

HiVi M5a

Great for Bookshelf

5" Aluminum/Magnesium Cone Midbass

Robin 2-way with Vifa D25AG35
Robin-II 2-way with Mini Elliptical Tweeter
Robin-IIa 2-way with Mini Elliptical Tweeter

HiVi M8a

Articulate Bass

8" Aluminum/Magnesium Cone Woofer

Nightingale-IV  2-way with Pyle PH715

Peerless 830869 (European Quality)

Low Distortion Midwoofer

8" Nomex Cone HDS Woofer

Nightingale-V  2-way with Pyle PH715
Falcon  3-way with RS52AN/XT25SC90

Seas ER18RNX (European Quality)

Low Distortion Midwoofer

7" Reed Paper Cone Woofer

Starling  2-way BookShelf

Silver Flute W14RC25-08s (shielded)

Outstanding Performance for the Price

5-1/2" Wool Cone Woofer


Silver Flute W17RC38-08s (shielded)

Outstanding Performance for the Price

6-1/2" Wool Cone Woofer


Tang Band W3-1364SA

Nothing Outstanding

3" Bamboo Cone Woofer


Tang Band W5-1685

Strong Bass

5" Underhung Midbass


Tang Band W5-704s (shielded)

Best for 1st speaker build

5-1/4" Poly Cone Woofer

Oriole  2-way BookShelf

Vifa M25WO49-08

10" Coated Paper Cone Woofer


Vifa PL26WR09-08 (European Quality)

Low Distortion Subwoofer

10" Premium Line Paper Cone Woofer


Zaph Audio ZA14W08

Clean Mids

5" Aluminum Cone Mid-Woofer

Swift  2-way BookShelf
Swift-II (HD)  High Definition Monitors

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